Performance - Hearts Like Fists

Performance - Hearts Like Fists

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 at 7:00pm


A superhero noir comedy about the dangers of love! Female nurses by day, become Superhero’s by night, battling villainous Doctor X. Can Lisa live a life with meaning as a superhero? Will her new love Peter invent an artificial heart that will never have heartbreak? Romantic and exhilarating, a fight-infused comedy. 7 actors (5W, 2M)

Cast List:
Lisa: Jessica Faust
Peter / Ed / Man: Corey Prewitt
Dr X / Commissioner / Carson: Paul Rios
Sally: Jill Sowerwine
Nina: Kaichen McCrae
Jazmine / Girl: Kari Miranda
Nurse / Woman: Devan Hawkins

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