The 10 Best Places for Milkshakes in Alaska!

Even in a state that’s largely Arctic, folks in Alaska still love their milkshakes. There’s just nothing better to wash down a burger—whether it’s beef, salmon, or elk—and fries. From drive-ins to creameries, you’ll find the tastiest milkshakes in Alaska at these 10 great spots. 

1. Arctic Roadrunner, Anchorage, AK

Arctic Roadrunner is an Anchorage institution. It’s been beloved for its burgers and fries for decades. But the milkshakes are a must-have. A good selection of flavors, from chocolate or strawberry to peanut butter, and huge possibility for combinations, make the Arctic Roadrunner a go-to place for shakes.

2. The Hot Bite, Juneau, AK

In the capital city, the Hot Bite is a favorite place for folks who want a quick meal and a rich, creamy shake. Popular with locals, this eatery can be busy, but that’s because their milkshakes are THAT good. Sit outside and enjoy the harbor views.

3. C + J’s Drive In, Fairbanks, AK

For more than 30 years, milkshake lovers in the Interior have made C + J’s Drive In the place to go for chilly deliciousness. You can choose from a dozen regular flavors, including Oreo, pineapple, and coffee, and mix, match, and top your milshake just the way you like it. 

4. Little Millers, Wasilla, AK

Looking for a milkshake in the Mat-Su Valley? Little Millers has been serving them up for more than four decades. They have plenty of flavors and some creative combinations. With four Little Millers locations (one seasonal), you’re never far from an awesome milkshake in the Mat-Su. 

5. Harbor Street Creamery, Seward, AK

The Harbor Street Creamery is Seward’s favorite spot for ice cream treats, including, of course, milkshakes. Not only can you choose from or combine any of their shake flavors, you can go super wild with ice cream flavors too. A chocolate banana shake with coconut ice cream? Yes please!

6. Burger Queen, Ketchikan, AK

Burger Queen (see what they did there?) serves up the tastiest milkshakes in Alaska’s first city. They have more flavors than you have fingers and toes (probably) and they can all be combined to your heart’s delight. You want a watermelon pumpkin pie milkshake? Go for it!

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7. Gingers Restaurant, Soldotna, AK

Folks on the Kenai Peninsula are not without their milshake options, but we like the creamy, old fashioned shakes at Gingers Restaurant. They don’t go too wild with flavors—a little more than half a dozen that can be combined, if you want—they just make a really good milkshake. And the prices are good, too.

8. The Lucky Wishbone, Anchorage, AK

Back in Anchorage, they love the the Lucky Wishbone for its delicious, quick-serve chicken, beefy burgers, and of course, their milkshakes. Apparently, few things in this world set off fried chicken like a peanut milkshake from the Lucky Wishbone does. 

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9. College Town Creamery, Fairbanks, AK

College Town Creamery is awesome because of the many milshake options that can be had. You’ve got your added flavors, which you can combine and mix however you like. But you can also choose to add them to ice cream, gelato, or if you’re trending more healthy, frozen yogurt. The possibilities are astronomical.

10. Mocha Moose, Wasilla, AK

Another great Mat-Su Milkshake option is the Mocha Moose in Wasilla. You’ll find creative combinations and a lot of ice cream flavors to help you craft the milkshake you want. They also serve awesome coffee, and if you need an ice cream fix under the midnight sun, the Mocha Moose is open 24-7.

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