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Alaska Law Enforcement Museum

Alaska Law Enforcement Museum
245 West 5th Avenue

Located in Anchorage on 5th Avenue beneath the 5th Avenue Parking Garage, the Alaska Trooper Museum is operated by the Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers (F.O.A.S.T.) with the goal of sharing the history of the Alaska State Troopers. The museum tells the colorful story of a dedicated team of police officers who continue to bring law and order to one of the most unusual, rugged and far-flung jurisdictions in America.

Within the museum, visitors will also find a well-stocked gift shop offering a wide range of Alaska State Trooper memorabilia and other unique Alaska souvenirs. Gift shop proceeds fund F.O.A.S.T.’s social activities and museum upkeep including care and display of our historical artifacts.

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