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Alaska Zipline Adventures

Alaska Zipline Adventures
110 N. Franklin St


The sky is the limit on this once-in-a-lifetime Zipline Adventure! Located in the beautiful Alaskan rainforest at Juneau's Eaglecrest Ski Area, this tour provides you with an opportunity to learn about the fascinating eco-systems of Southeast Alaska as you are zipping over salmon spawning streams with panoramic mountain views surrounding you. Zip from one tree to the next on a series of zip lines, and take in the scenery as you walk across the aerial suspension bridge.

Several of the platforms are now themed to give you a glimpse of what Alaska has to offer. The platform themes are: Alaskan Bears, Fishing & Crabbing, Logging & Lumberjacks, Native Culture, and Gold Mining.

This adventure is a genuine Eco-Tour. Our one-of-a-kind treehouses are built from recycled materials, and we are proud to offer you high quality organic cotton merchandise. Once the tour is complete, you will return to our lodge where you will be able to relax and watch a photo slideshow of the tour. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase a locally brewed Alaskan Beer and AZA Gear to top off your journey through the Alaskan rainforest!

You should be comfortable with heights, a short easy walk on a maintained trail, and ascending/descending some stairs. This tour is a perfect choice for a rainy day because we provide raingear, and you will have some shelter from the rainforest canopy. Please be sure to wear long pants, layers, and closed-toe shoes. You will be outfitted with our top of the line gear, and our expertly trained guides will lead you throughout the tour. This tour is not suitable for people who are pregnant or have certain medical conditions. Remember, this tour is designed for people 9 years of age or above who weigh between 70-250 lbs.

New Feature! Following the zipline tour, participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at Axe Throwing! A staple event in lumberjack competitions, axe throwing is an exciting way for individuals to take part in an outdoors challenge! Our exciting axe throw will let you embrace your inner lumberjack alongside your family and friends!

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