7 Best Brunch Spots in Alaska!

Alaskans are a hard-working, hard-playing bunch—so much so that we sometimes forget to eat breakfast. Occasionally, it doesn’t get light until almost lunch time; in summer it doesn’t get dark at all. Mealtimes get all jumbled together, which is why brunch is the perfect meal for Alaska: Breakfast, lunch, whatever—we’re hungry. Here are some of our favorite places to get the day’s ideal meal.

Wild Honey Bistro, Homer, AK

Hungry folks on the Kenai Peninsula love to grab brunch at the Wild Honey Bistro in Homer. They only serve breakfast and lunch, and they make all their specialties—crepes—from the freshest, localest ingredients possible.Wild Honey loves to showcase local producers to their own community—you’ll enjoy their bounty.

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Snow City Café, Anchorage, AK

Snow City Café has been one of Anchorage’s favorite eateries for more than two decades. Snow City has received national recognition for its fresh, delicious food and is a perennial “Best Breakfast” winner in its home city. Get breakfast, get lunch, have a little of both—you won’t be disappointed.

Jack Sprat, Girdwood, AK

On weekends, Jack Sprat serves up brunch to Girdwood residents, Alyeska visitors, and intrepid travelers of the Seward Highway. And if you’re not from Girdwood, it’s definitely worth the trip. The red flannel hash and bibimbap will gird your belly and make you smile. 

Kava’s Pancake House, Anchorage, AK

To the extent that a pancake house can really be “Hawaiian style,” Kava’s is open until 11 p.m.—and you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner foods any time. It’s like 17 hours of brunch everyday! Since it is Hawaiian style, you should try the coconut, pineapple, macadamia pancakes. You’ll be full, but the sugar rush will keep you going. For a while, anyway.

Mike's Alaskan Eatery, Homer, AK

All Mike’s does is breakfast and brunch—and coffee, of course—and they do it really well. The Alaskan Benedict is classic Kenai comfort food, but the pork belly scramble will have you guarding your plate with the ferocity of a wolverine. If someone else orders the cornbread waffle, though, be sure to nab a bite. 

Bar Harbor Restaurant, Ketchikan, AK

If you find yourself seeking brunch in Alaska’s first city, saunter over to Bar Harbor Restaurant. In this renovated house over the water, away from the cruise-heavy tourist district, you’ll find some seriously good waffles, expertly-prepared eggs, and any kind of Alaskan seafood you can imagine.

Pike’s Landing, Fairbanks, AK

Sometimes Interior folks like to kick it up a notch for brunch. And when they do, they head over to Pike’s Landing—at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge—on Sunday morning. A rotating array of entrees, from eggs Benedict to halibut and oysters set you up for an 18-foot dessert buffet. If you leave hungry, it’s your own fault.

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