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Georgeson Botanical Garden

Georgeson Botanical Garden
117 West Tanana Drive

About Us:
The Georgeson Botanical Garden (GBG) is a nationally recognized botanical garden and a member of a network of educational and research institutions dedicated to plant culture and conservation.

Our Vision:
To research and demonstrate responsible horticultural science in Alaska which includes plants grown intensively in gardens, market gardens and greenhouses, and plants used to conserve and manage Alaska's diverse landscapes.

Our Goal:
To be the center for horticultural knowledge in subarctic Alaska and provide information to everyone in the circumboreal North interested in growing plants, sustainably managing lands for garden culture, producing plants commercially or for home use, exploring new crops and new markets, preserving traditional plant knowledge, expanding uses of native plants, conserving and rehabilitating plants on wild lands, and promoting good stewardship of horticultural resources.

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